Skating Rink

The Breitung Township Skating rink is home to Chimpy’s Skating Parties. His parties bring people in from all over the place and everyone who goes has fun. There are games, prizes and entertainment during these parties. Everyone should come and enjoy the event. Chimpy has been doing this for over 20 years. These are great ways for kids and adults to get out of the house stay out of trouble.

These skating parties would not be a success without the help and support of everyone who volunteers and donates to this program, Chimpy’s Skating Party would like to thank everyone who helps!

Breitung Township

Office Hours 8:00am – 4:00pm
Tuesday • Wednesday • Thursday

Mailing Address-PO Box 56 | Soudan | MN | 55782

Organizational Chart | March 2020

Timothy S. Tomsich
Supervisor – Chairman
March 1980- March 2022

Charles J. Tekautz
Supervisor – Vice Chairman
March 2006- March 2024

Greg Dostert
March 2014- March 2023

Dianna Sunsdahl
March 2020- March 2022

Jorgine Gornick
March 1995- March 2023

Maintenance Department