The Township of Breitung is named after Edward Breitung who came from Michigan to help start the iron ore mine and the first shipment of ore came from the “Breitung Pit”. The first shipment of iron ore from Minnesota occurred in Breitung Township on July 31, 1884 and a celebration of that great event was held in the Township of Breitung Town Hall on July 31, 2014. State, County, local and other dignitaries spoke on this milestone and afterwards a large gathering of residents from around the area took note of the historic date and the activities which occurred 130 years ago.

The Vermilion Range Old Settlers’ Association organized in 1914, is what the name implies. The workers at the Breitung Pit alongside the workers at the Soudan Underground Mine began setting aside this time as a day off from the hard work at the mine to celebrate the good fortune of the area with a picnic at McKinley Park on Lake Vermilion just a mile down the road. The group meets annually on McKinely Park on the third Saturday in July. This makes an opportunity for the pioneers to get together and recount some of the happenings in the early years on the Vermilion Range. The picnic and program is organized by the Association President and directors which have been composed of the volunteer area citizens and Township of Breitung board members. The chef and his assistants who prepare and serve the booyah (a beef and vegetable soup) gladly volunteer for this special day in July. Registration for this noteworthy event nearly topped 360 this year plus the folks just visiting or stopping by! That is a lot of booyah!

Breitung Township

Office Hours 10:00am – 2:00pm
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Mailing Address: PO Box 56 | Soudan | MN | 55782

Physical Address: 33 First Ave | Soudan | MN | 55782

Organizational Chart | April 2023

Timothy Tomsich
Supervisor – Chairman
March 1980- March 2025

Erin Peitso
March 2024-March 2027

Matthew Tuchel
Supervisor-Vice Chairman
March 2023- March 2026

Amber Zak
March 2024-March 2026

Jorgine Gornick
March 1995- March 2025

Maintenance Department