Township of Breitung Meeting, January 26, 2016

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Review Bill: 5:30 PM

Call to Order: 6:00 PM

Meeting Minutes: Motion by Sup Tekautz, seconded by Sup Dostert to accept December 16, 2015 Police and TWP meetings, motion carried 3-0.

Treasurer’s Report: Frandsen Account: #38929 through #39058,

Total Disbursements including checks and debit cards $391,486.76

Agenda: Motion by Sup Dostert, seconded by Sup Tekautz to accept the agenda with change of item Board of Audit to E, motion carried 3-0.

Audience Participation: Follow agenda


Chief Anderson presented the monthly report. The D.A.R.E. program had their graduation, with guest speakers, SLC school district 2142 Mr. Metsa; message from Senator Al Franken, DFL; City of Tower Mayor Carlson, Breitung Supervisor Dostert, and Breitung Police Chief Anderson, and Officer Nylund, D.A.R.E. instructor. Congratulations to the group of students and 1st place winner presented. The Board thanked Officer Nylund for instructing the D.A.R.E. program.

Chief Anderson participated in recent Radar Lidar training with Minnesota State Patrol in Ely, along with Bois Forte. The Dodge Charger received equipment from SLC – computer, etc. Sherry Carlson will make the decals.

Calls have slowed down due to colder weather. Cooperation between Breitung P.D. and Bois Forte BIA is going well. Motion to accept reports as presented by Sup Dostert, seconded by Sup Tekautz, motion carried 3-0.

Wastewater: Sup Tekautz reported the Wastewater Board will hire an Engineer for possible new well. Continue to have issues with discolored water, calcium. Lake Vermilion is not conducive to Zebra Mussels, but can if calcium discharge gets in the lake. The Waste Water Board may request fund water samples.


A. Projects:

Booster Pump: JPJ received call from Health Department with approval for one pump, rather than the initial need for 2 pumps. John will contact Ratatich and get quote for pump and insulation for lines.

Funding for Loop Project. Receive $95,000.00 from CDBG. IRRRB has stimulus funds for shovel ready projects. Will complete the application for funding to IRRRB.

2014 Project: Bonding Company for Utilities Systems of America requested a sign off on project. Swanson stated they have not completed the punch list. Motion by Sup Tekautz, seconded by Sup Dostert to complete the Bonding form, but add only 95% completed. Motion carried 3-0.

DNR Land Exchange: DNR manager Jim Essig stated the exchange of land was brought on by wanting to clean up boundaries. The Board had approved to exchange the land request at no costs to the Township. Mr. Essig stated the small piece of land by the Water/Sewer Ponds showed grant funds from IRRRB and an appraisal would be required. Mr. Essig recommended instead of land exchange change wording to for sale at no cost. DNR would need approval from the State of MN. Question whether need for letter from City of Tower as the grant funds were from both Breitung and Tower. Motion by Sup Tekautz, seconded by Sup Dostert to accept the sale at no cost, but request letter from DNR with explanation of terms, motion carried 3-0.

Mr. Essig stated Mesabi Trail will following the existing ATV trail. Legislation will review use of ATV’s this session. Mr. Essig will provide final plans when he receives them.

MINOS Building: The lease with State of Minnesota and Breitung Township will expire 11-2017 with option of two – three more years lease. Tomsich contacted Senator Baak and Commissioner Eklund regarding sustaining University options in the Soudan Underground Mine. Essig stated the lab is being decommissioned. The work will go to a facility in Dakota in November 2016. State of Minnesota consultant is looking for another project for the lab.


Fire Department:

The Breitung Fire Department had their annual meeting with approval of present Fire Dept. Officers and monthly and yearly salaries:

Monthly: Fire Chief Steve Burgess $425.00; Assistant Fire Chief Matt Tuchel $375.00;

Training Officer Brian Zak $300.00; Fire Captain Trevor Banks $250.00.

Yearly: President Matt Lenci $200.00; VP Ross Swanson, $100.00; Secretary D.A. Carter $599.00; Treasurer Matt Tomsich $400.00. Motion by Sup Tekautz, seconded by Sup Dostert to accept the appointment of current officers at current rate of salaries, motion carried 3-0.

LMCIT – 2016 liability coverage – waiver form: Motion by Sup Tekautz, seconded by Sup Dostert to accept the Township liability coverage limits of $1,500.00 from the LMCIT, motion carried 3-0.

Private E-mail Accounts: A recent article in the Minnesota Township Association News Letter regarding Townships use of private emails for communications, etc. The Township Association recommended the use a separate private e-mail account for Township Business could reduce the possibility of private communications used by a third-party. The Township will look into setting up a Township Web Page with individual public accounts. Most Townships already have web sites and are well received. Chief Anderson has a contact regarding setup for Web Design. Motion by Sup Dostert, seconded by Sup Tekautz to establish a Web Page for the Township, motion carried 3-0.


  1. Snow blower: Motion by Sup Tekautz, seconded by Sup Dostert to allow Maintenance Supervisor to purchase a snow blower up $1000.00 for the rink, motion carried 3-0.

  2. Maintenance: Sup Dostert stated some of the boards at the rink are in bad shape and need replacing. Possible look at apply for a grant through Minnesota Power and Lake Country Power. Sup Dostert also discussed possible paving of the rink as hard to keep the water when flooding. Could use the rink for rollerblading in the summer if paved. No decision on paving the rink.

  3. Cold Weather Rink Hours: Current policy is to close rink at -5 degrees. Dostert would like to review policy and change to -10 degrees for closing. Also Township and rink attendant are not responsible for clothing, etc. for skaters. Dostert will provide policy for the rink at next meeting.

Meeting Dates: Regular meeting 2-23-16 6:00 PM

Board of Audit to follow regular meeting

Adjourn on motion: 6:56 PM

Respectfully Submitted by Valeda McDonald, Clerk

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