Township of Breitung Annual Meeting March 8, 2016

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People present: Matt Tomsich, Jackie Kangas, Dale Swanson, Steve Burgess, Lori Tomsich, Al Reller, Chuck Tekautz, Tim Tomsich, Jesse Anderson, Dan Nylund, Polly McDonald, Matt Tuchel, Jorgine Gornick, Greg Dostert, Robert Tammen, Pat Tammen, Amber Zak, Brian Zak.

The meeting was called to order: 8:30 pm by Valeda McDonald, Clerk.

Nominate Moderator: Motion by Steve Burgess, seconded by Chuck Tekautz to nominate Tim Tomsich as moderator, motion carried unopposed.

MINUTES: The 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes were in the packet with no questions or comments from the residents.

Moderator Tomsich stated “you are voters are in charge of the meeting.”

Financial Report: Tomsich reviewed the financial operating report stating the Township had beginning balance of $230,859.17, receipts $1,610,562.91; disbursements $1,844,025.16; EOY balance $218,953.92. The balance includes (2) CD’s. Loans – water/sewer. The broom for the loader not included on spreadsheet as not received or paid for at time of meeting. Part of the Reserve Funds has equipment replacement for R&B, Fire, & P.D. with monthly deposits. Deposits: $50,000 from General and $30,000 from lease. MINOS lease will not be renewed the end of November 2017. Breitung and Tower Fire Departments have joined services so may not equipment fund for the fire department for future costs. The Tower Breitung Area Fire Rescue is working on a future building with costs being split in half. Funding from IRRRB, Bonding and is being pursued. The MINOS building presented leased by DNR State Park Underground Mine, but will not be renewed the end of 2017. Question whether can use part of the MINOS surface building for the Joint EMS services. Tomsich asked for a motion to use the $50,000 from the Reserve Account/equipment fund at the Board’s discretion?

Motion by Matt Tuchel for the Board to use the $50,000 at their discretion, motion seconded by Steve Burgess, motion carried unopposed.

Motion by Tekautz, seconed by Dostert to accept the financial report as presented, motion carried unopposed.

Road Report: Motion by Gornick, seconded by Tuchel to accept the road report as present, motion carried unopposed.

Police Report: Chief Anderson submitted annual police report. Two (2) Full Time staff and five (5) Part time staff.

1700 calls in 2015. Busier in summer months and then again in fall. The Breitung Police Department are very involved in the community, through participation in many events and training. Chief Anderson thanked the Board and residents for their support in community events. Motion by Brian Zak, seconded by Greg Dostert to approve Police Report, motion carried unopposed.

Fire Report: Chief Burgess presented the Breitung F.D. report. 2015 had 39 calls. Breitung and Tower formed a joint committee and worked toward joining services. The committee approached the Town Board regarding merging the two departments and Board approved. The Tower Breitung Are Fire Rescue Board is working on a building and funding.

Motion by Dale Swanson, seconded by Brian Zak to approve Breitung Fire report, motion carried unopposed.

McKinley Park: McKinley Park had a record year in 2015 with total revenue of $138,121.00. A portion goes back to campground hosts. Township receives 100% of season storage. Motion by Tekautz, seconded by Tuchel to accept the McKinley Park report, motion carried unopposed.

Chairman’s Report: Township operated with a significant drop in the tax levy of 12.56% in 2015. The $70,340 lower tax levy was approved at 2014 annual meeting.

Vermilion State Park entrance is near completion. Snowplowing and maintenance agreement with State of MN until the road is completed and accepted by the Township. Acceptance of the road is in process.

Long range comprehensive plan for future needs of the Township and City of Tower finalized.

Breitung Township and City of Tower Fire Departments were combined after public hearings were held. The Departments are combined and

Tax Levy:

Set Annual Meeting Date for 2016: Motion by Matt Tuchel, seconded by

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn by Matt Tuchel, seconded by Nick Bjorgo, motion carried. 9:22PM

All reports on file at the Breitung Township Office.

Timothy Tomsich: _______________________

Respectfully Submitted by Valeda McDonald, Clerk: ___________________________

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Polly McDonald: 1 vote

Respectfully Submitted by Valeda McDonald, Clerk




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