Reorganization- March 22, 2016

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REORGANIZATION – March 22, 2016

Chairman – Tim Tomsich. Motion by Sup Dostert, seconded by Sup Tekautz agrees to have Tim work for the Township as Grant Writer @$10.00 per Hr. Resolution 2016#9, motion carried 2-0, Tomsich abstained.

Legal Publications – Timberjay. Motion by Sup Dostert, seconded by Sup Tekautz to accept Timberjay as legal publication, motion carried 3-0.

Depository – Frandsen Bank and Trust, American Bank of Cook

Legal Advisor – Cope & Peterson, Robert Pearson

Labor – $8.00 per hr. Subject to wage requirements

Rider Mower Operator (18 years of age or older) Rink Attendants – $9.50 per hr. Office cleaning -$9.50 per hr.

Recreation Maintenance – $12.50 per hour

Equipment operators – $12.50 – $15.00 per hr. subject to experience

Equipment rental – $100.00 per hr. with operator – (1/2 hr. minimum)

Maintenance Mechanic – $19.00 per hour

Grader operator – $20.00 per hour

Fire Chief – $425.00 per month

Assist Chief – $375.00 per month

Training Officer – $300.00 per month

Captain – $250.00

Pension for EMT’s –$6.00 per run for PERA for each run Breitung EMT takes part in

Police – as per contract

Part time police – $16.00 per hr.

Maintenance Supervisor – as per contract

Supervisors – Chairman – $600.00 per month Supervisors –$500.00 per month

Clerk – $19,000.00 per year

Treasurer – $19,000.00 per year

Election Judges – $ 10.00 per hr.

Mileage –54 cents per mile as regulated by IRS

Vice Chairman – Chuck Tekautz. Motion by Sup Tomsich, seconded by Sup Dostert agrees to have Chuck work for the Township as project inspector @$10.00 per hr. Resolution 2016-8. Motion carried 2-0, Tekautz abstained.

Waste/Water Board –Charles Tekautz, Greg Dostert

McKinley Park Liaison –Charles Tekautz

Ambulance –Charles Tekautz

Joint Recreation Board –Jorgine Gornick

Recreation Area – Gregory Dostert. Motion by Sup Tekautz, seconded by Chairman Tomsich to agree to have Greg work for the Township recreation area @$10.00 per Hr. Resolution 2016-#7, motion carried 2-0, Dostert abstained.

Lodging Tax Board –Gregory Dostert alternate Charles Tekautz

Tower Breitung Fire Area Rescue Board: Tomsich, Dostert

Meetings – 4th Tuesday at 6PM – Board will meet ½ hr. before meeting to review bills

2nd Tuesday – May, June, July, August, September, October

Additional Full Board Meetings – $50.00 per meeting

Motion by Sup Tekautz, seconded by Chairman Tomsich, to accept Reorganization changes. Motion carried 3-0.

Breitung Township

Office Hours Noon- 4:00PM
Tuesday • Wednesday • Thursday

Organizational Chart | March 2016

Timothy S. Tomsich
Supervisor – Chairman
March 1980- March 2019

Charles J. Tekautz
Supervisor – Vice Chairman
March 2006- March 2018

Greg Dostert
March 2014- March 2017

Valeda (Polly) McDonald
March 2012- March 2018

Jorgine Gornick
March 1995- March 2017

Maintenance Department