Breitung Township Meeting 3-9-16

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Present: Tomsich, Dostert, Tekautz, Gornick, McDonald

People: John Jamnick, Dale Swanson, Al Reller

1:00 Meeting called to order

2016 Jasper Loop Infrastructure Project:

John Jamnick, JPJ Engineering, presented a revised draft/blueprint for the 2016 Township Infrastructure on 2nd and 4th (Loop Project). Project needs to be downsized due to less funding (at this time) for the 2016 project. Maintenance Supervisor Swanson stated definite need for upgrade/improvements on certain streets/property. Board reviewed need for easement for pipe replacement. JPJ will draw up an easement to property owners. Will stake center line, cut trees on township property.

Will add insulation as needed per inspection on main water lines as replaced.

Discussion on size of lines due to pressure.

Extend 3rd & 4th sewer, but not on 2nd Ave.

Every 100 feet install clean outs.

Install 2nd hydrant by Mattilla’s.

Restoration: John suggested seeding rather than sod due to costs. Board agreed.

Supervisor Tekautz suggested complete any work needed if tearing up streets, etc. to save on costs. Do not want to return to dig again at later date. Any work needed should be completed during the Jasper Loop. John Jamnick will set up BIDS for project.

Motion by Supervisor Dostert, seconded by Sup Tekautz to open BIDS 4-21-16 11:00 AM and award after May 1st, motion carried 3-0.

Will add item to March meeting agenda re 2016 project. 5 houses involved in project.

Lake Vermilion Trail Regional Designation:

Motion was made and supported for letter of support and resolution regarding the Lake Vermilion Trail Regional Designation at 2-23-16 meeting. Documents presented and signed.

Adjourn: 1:48 PM Motion by Sup Tekautz, seconded by Sup Dostert to adjourn, motion carried 3-0.

Respectfully submitted by Valeda McDonald, Clerk

Motion to adjourn by Sup Tekautz, seconded by Sup Dostert, motion carried 3-0.




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